About the PSALMS

The law of the Lord is perfect, for reviving the soul. 
The statues of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. 

The precepts of the Lord are right… giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.    – Psalm 19:7-8


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PSALM 90  A Psalm of Moses.

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God’s Majesty   .   Prayer and Praise  .   Learning God’s Ways  
Coping In Times of Pressure    .    His All-embracing Care   .    His Word at Work 
Time and Eternity
To study the Psalms is a great way to learn Old Testament  history and events—there is a wealth of blessing that resonates in the soul for the one who meditates on God’s Word.    The Psalms provoke our heart to find the deepest and most abiding truths of God.The Psalms were set to accompany stringed instruments and served as a “temple hymnbook” and devotionals for the Jewish people.  They were gradually collected over time and unnamed. It is a collection of works from many generations over a thousand years. It became to be known as  Sepher Tehillim—Book of Praises.  Every psalm contains some note of praise to God.   .

Half of the psalms are designated as Davidic, 2—9; 11—32; 34—41; 51—65; 68—70; 86; 95; 101; 103, 108—111; 122; 124; 131; 133; and 138—145.  David (the beloved of Yahweh) had experience as a shepherd boy, musician, warrior, and king as reflected in the psalms.

Twelve were written by Asaph (a Collector of Psalms), who was a priest and headed the temple worship of music (50; 73—83; Ezra 2 verse 41).   Ten were written by the son’s of Korah, a guild of singers and composers (42; -49; 84; 85; 87;  Numbers 26 verses 9-11).  Two were by Solomon (whose name means Peaceful) and Israel’s most powerful king (72 and 127);  Psalm 90 was attributed to Moses (meaning Son of the Water), who was a prince, herdsman, and deliverer.  Also one by Herman (meaning Faithful) and Ethan (meaning Enduring) who were wise men (Psalm 88, 89) (1 Kings 4 verse 31; 1 Chronicles 15 verse 19).  The remaining 50 psalms are anonymous, but have been traditionally attributed to Ezra.

The psalms cover the time span from Moses (c.1410 BC) to the post exilec community under Ezra and Nehemiah (430 BC).  They were written under many different conditions. They reflect a multitude of moods; topics such as jubilation, war, peace, worship, judgment, messianic prophesy, praise, and lament.  The  5 “Books” were compiled over several centuries.  Earlier psalms, as each were written, were used in temple worship. King David was known for gathering with his people for temple worship to pray to their mighty Deliverer and using his own “Songs” as praises to Yahweh.

It is not always easy to interpret the psalms with each historical event.  They should be interpreted in its historical light, but it is not always obvious.  Many psalms anticipate Israel’s Messiah and are fulfilled in Christ.  Some specific prophesies include:

Prophesy (Psalm)                                                         Fulfillment (Scripture)

2:7  God will declare Him to be his Son…………… Matthew 3:17

8:6        All things will be put under his feet……… Hebrews 2:8

16:10    He will be resurrected from the dead….… Mark 16:6,7

22:1      Forsaken in his hour of need………………..  Matthew 27:46

22:7-8   He will be scorned and mocked……………  Luke 23:35

22:16    His hands and feet will be pierced…………  John 20:25, 27

22:18    Others will gamble for his clothes………….. Matthew 27:35,36

34:20    Not one of his bones will be broken……….  John 19:32,33, 36

 35:11    He will be accused by false witness……….. Mark 14:57

35:19    He will be hated without cause……………… John 15:25

40:7,8   He will come to do God’s will………………… Hebrews 10:7

41:19    He will be betrayed by a friend………………. Luke 22:47

45:6      His will be forever…………………………………. Hebrews 1:8

68:18    He will ascend to God’s right hand………….. Mark 16:19

69:9     Zeal for God’s house will consume him……. John 2:17

69:21    Given vinegar and gall to drink……………… Matthew 27:34

109:4    He will pray for his enemies………………….. Hebrews 5:6

109:8    His betrayer’s office fulfilled by another… Matthew 21:42

110:1    His enemies made subject to him…………… Matthew 22:44

110:4    He will be a priest like Melchizedek……….. Hebrews 5:6

118:22  He will be the chief cornerstone……………. Matthew 21:42

118:26  He will come in the name of the Lord….…. Matthew 21:9

The Messianic Psalms

The Messianic Psalms, though written hundreds of years before Christ, contain many prophetic references to Him.  Some references that point to David also relate to the coming King in David’s family line—Jesus Christ the Messiah.   Psalm 2  relates to Messiah’s kingship and kingdom;  Psalm  8, The sovereignty of the Son of Man; Psalm 16,  The resurrection from the dead; Psalm 17,  Christ the Intercessor;  Psalm 19,  Christ in Creation and Revelation;  Psalm 20,  Christ and His salvation;  Psalm 21,  Christ’s kingly glory anticipated;  Psalm 22 Christ’s suffering and coming glory;  Psalm 45,  The Royal Bride and Eternal Throne;  Psalm 69,  Christ’s Suffering;  Psalm 72, Glory and Eternity of Christ’s reign;  Psalm 89,  Messiah’s throne being endless; Psalm 110, Eternal King and Priest;  Psalm 118, Rejection of Messiah’s by His nation and leaders;  Psalm 132, The Eternal inheritance of David’s throne.

Psalm 150 is the crescendo of universal praise. It is a choral symphony of praise of every creature having life and breath, the whole creation joining in praise to the Creator.  For God alone is worthy—let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!

Psalms by Book

Book One  1 — 41

  1. Two Ways of Life Contrasted
  2. The Lord’s Anointed—Messiah’s Kingship and Kingdom
  3. Victory in the Face of Defeat
  4. Evening Prayer for Deliverance
  5. Morning Prayer for Guidance
  6. Prayer for God’s Mercy
  7. Wickedness Justly Rewarded
  8. God’s Glory in the Sovereignty of Human Dominion
  9. Praise for Victory Over Enemies
  10. Petition for God’s Judgment
  11. God Tests the Sons of Men
  12. The Pure Words of the Lord
  13. The prayer for God’s Answer—Now
  14. The Characteristics of the Godless
  15. The Characteristics of the Godly
  16. Eternal Life for One Who Trusts
  17. “Hide Me Under the Shadow of Your Wings”
  18. Thanksgiving for Deliverance by God
  19. Christ in Creation and Revelation—Works and Words God
  20. Trust Not in Chariots and Horses but in God
  21. Triumph of the King—Christ’s Kingly Glory
  22. Psalm of the Cross—Christ’s Suffering
  23. Psalm of the Divine Shepherd
  24. Psalm of the King of Glory
  25. (Acrostic) Prayer for Instruction
  26. “Examine Me, O Lord, and Prove Me”
  27. Trust in the Lord and Be Not Afraid
  28. Rejoice Because of Answered Prayer
  29. The Powerful Voice of God
  30. Praise for Dramatic Deliverance
  31. “Be of Good Courage”
  32. The Blessedness of Forgiveness
  33. God Considers All Human Works
  34. Seek the Lord
  35. Petition for God’s Intervention
  36. The excellent Loving-kindness of God
  37. “Rest in the Lord”
  38. The Heavy Burden of Sin
  39. Know the Measure of Human Days
  40. Delight to Do God’s Will
  41. The Blessedness of Helping the Poor

Book Two  42 — 72

  1. Seek After the Lord
  2. “Hope in God”
  3. Prayer for Deliverance by God
  4. The Psalm of the Great King
  5. “God is Our Refuge and Strength”
  6. The Lord Shall Subdue All Nations
  7. The Praise of Mount Zion
  8. Riches Cannot Redeem
  9. The Lord Shall Judge All People
  10. Confession and Forgiveness of Sin
  11. The Lord Shall Judge the Deceitful
  12. A Portrait of the Godless
  13. The Lord is Our Helper
  14. “Cast Your Burden on the Lord”
  15. Fears in the Midst of Trials
  16. Prayers in the Midst of Perils
  17. Wicked Judges Will be Judged
  18. Petition for Deliverance from Enemies
  19. Prayer for Deliverance of the Nation
  20. A prayer When Overwhelmed
  21. Wait for God
  22. Thirst for God
  23. A Prayer for God’s Protection
  24. God’s Provision Through Nature
  25. Remember What God Has done
  26. God Shall Govern the Earth
  27. God is the Father of the Fatherless
  28. Petition for God to Draw Near
  29. Prayer for the Poor and Needy
  30. Prayer for the Aged
  31. The Reign of the Messiah

Book Three   73 — 89

  1. The Perspective of Eternity
  2. Request for God to Remember His Covenant
  3. “God is the Judge”
  4. The Glorious Might of God
  5. When Overwhelmed, Remember God’s Greatness
  6. God’s Continued Guidance in Spite of Unbelief
  7. Avenge the Defilement of Jerusalem
  8. Israel’s Plea for God’s Mercy
  9. God’s Plea for Israel’s Obedience
  10. Rebuke of Israel’s Unjust Judges
  11. Plan for God to Destroy Israel’s Enemies
  12. The Joy of Dwelling With God
  13. Prayer for Revival
  14. “Teach Me Your Way, O Lord”
  15. Glorious Zion, City of God
  16. Crying from Deepest Affliction
  17. Claiming God’s Promises in Affliction

Books Four and Five  90  –  150

  1. “Teach Us to Number Our Days”
  2. Abiding in “The Shadow of the Almighty”
  3. It is Good to Praise the Lord
  4. The Majesty of God
  5. Vengeance Belongs Only to God
  6. Call to worship the Lord
  7. Declare the Glory of God
  8. Rejoice! The Lord Reigns!
  9. Sing a New Song to the Lord
  10. “Exalt the Lord Our God”
  11. “Serve the Lord with Gladness”
  12. Commitments of a Holy Life
  13.  Prayer of an Overwhelmed Saint
  14. “Bless the Lord”
  15.  Psalm Rehearsing Creation
  16.  Remember, God Keeps His Promises
  17. “We Have Sinned”          
  18. God Satisfies the Longing Soul
  19. Awake Early and Praise the Lord
  20. Song of the Slandered
  21. The Coming of the Priest-King-Judge
  22. Praise for God’s Tender Care
  23. The Blessings of Those Who Fear God
  24. The Condescending Grace of God
  25. In Praise for the Exodus
  26. To God Alone Be the Glory
  27. Love the Lord for What He Has Done
  28. The Praise of All Peoples
  29. Better to Trust God than Men
  30.  (Acrostic) in Praise of the Scriptures
  31. A Cry in Distress
  32. God is Our Keeper
  33. “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”
  34. Plea for the Mercy of God
  35. God On Our Side
  36. Trust in the Lord and Abide Forever
  37. Sow in Tears…Reap in Joy”
  38. Children Are God’s Heritage
  39. Blessing on the House of the God-Fearing
  40.  Plea of the Persecuted
  41. “My Soul Waits for the Lord”
  42. A Childlike Faith
  43. The Eternal inheritance of David’s Throne
  44.  Beauty of the Unity of the Brethren
  45. Praise the Lord in the Evening
  46. God Has Done Great Things!
  47. God’s Mercy Endures Forever
  48. Tears in Exile
  49. God Answered My Prayer
  50. “Search Me, O God”
  51. Preserve Me from Violence
  52. Set a Guard, O Lord, Over My Mouth”
  53. “No One Cares for My Soul”
  54. “Teach Me to Do Your Will”
  55. “What is Man?”
  56. Testify to God’s Great Acts
  57. “Do Not Put Your Trust in Princes”
  58. God Heals the Brokenhearted
  59. All Creation Praises the Lord
  60. The Lord Takes Pleasure in His People”
  61. “Praise the Lord!”

References: THE OPEN BIBLE, NKJV “Build Your Life On It”

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13 thoughts on “About the PSALMS

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog at broomformybrain.wordpress.com. So glad you did since I now found you. I am busy with a one year Bible chronological reading plan. I echo your sentiments of better understanding the psalms if you read them with the pieces of relating scripture. For me too, a new world has opened.

  2. I’ve learned several excellent things here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I like how much effort you put to make this type of excellent informative web site.

  3. good read! We are so arrogant when we think these battles we endure on earth are about us…..it is all about God and we know he will not lose them or let us lose to the enemy! I like your blog about Psalms….look forward to reading more! God bless!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I have a Chronological Bible, and I just can’t seem to get used to it. I guess because I started my learning process in a regular Bible. I just can’t seem to get passed the idea that events didn’t necessarily happen in the direct order that the books are placed in the Bible. I may try doing that and reading it according to the Psalms. Maybe then, if I read the Psalms then read the corresponding event in my regular Bible I’ll get used to doing it that way. Thank you for this post. It is very informative. God Bless,


    • I don’t think there is a way to know for sure what psalms were written when, accept to take someone else’s time in study and use it for our own study of God’s Word. Some are obvious and some are not. It sure helps making sense of them lining them up with the scriptures. Have fun and be blessed!

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